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CoCoRaHS founder Nolan Doesken to speak June 5 at Appalachian

BOONE—Nolan Doesken, founder of CoCoRaHS, the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network, will speak Thursday, June 5, at Appalachian State University. Doesken’s 6 p.m presentation will be held in Room 114, Belk Library Information Commons on campus.

Eastern Snow Conference held June 4-5 at Appalachian

BOONE—Snow scientists, climatologists, National Weather Service meteorologists and others from across the U.S. and Canada will talk about snow and ice during the 71st annual meeting of the Eastern Snow Conference June 4-5 at Appalachian State University.

Empathic anger is a motivator for college student advocacy

BOONE—Empathic anger, not sympathy, is an effective motivator when it comes to getting college students involved in community service to address social issues.

Class design project leads to cash award, patent application and potential business

BOONE—A design for a therapeutic glove that could help improve dexterity and grip strength for children and adults has resulted in a $15,000 award to an interdisciplinary team of Appalachian State University students.

Professor and student co-edit community college reference guide

BOONE—A new book co-edited by four community college experts, including two at Appalachian State University, lays out state-by-state, comparative data on two-year higher education systems at a time when state legislatures consider new funding options and accountability measures.

Education can help counter hate music’s appeal, professor says

BOONE—Music has helped propel social causes ever since the civil rights, peace and feminist movements, but when it comes to the white power movement, music is used to promote hatred and violence.

Female participants sought for research related to arterial stiffness and high blood pressure

BOONE—Females between the ages of 50 and 75 are being sought for a research study at Appalachian State University related to arterial stiffness and high blood pressure.

Anthropology students’ research presented through May 1

BOONE—The spring 2014 Anthropology Senior Student Symposium at Appalachian State University will be held April 17, 24 and May 1 at Appalachian State University. The symposium, in Plemmons Student Union’s Linville Gorge Room, will feature topics ranging from American boarding schools and forced assimilation to the decline of the labor union in the U.S.

Seven students honored at research celebration

BOONE—Award-winning undergraduate research at Appalachian State University this year focused on water quality monitoring, seizure severity, Triassic period fossils and early primates, while award-winning graduate-level research spotlighted HVAC system analysis, water contamination and a new type of gene.