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Tech4Teach Fair held Feb. 5

BOONE—Faculty and staff interested in sharing how they successfully use technology in their courses, and those interested in enhancing student engagement and learning by effectively integrating technology in their teaching, are encouraged to attend the Tech4Teach Fair Feb. 5 at Appalachian State University.

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The first deadline to submit a proposal for peer review is Dec. 1. The deadline to register for the fair is Jan 22. Details are online at

“We learned during our first Tech4Teach Fair last year that there was a significant need on campus for this type of information,” said Nigel Davies, one of the fair’s organizers.

“We as faculty need to share what we are doing in the classroom,” he said. “Some of the best tips are sometimes the simplest. Little things can make a big difference in terms of students’ learning outcomes.”

A survey conducted by EDUCAUSE ( on the use of technology in the classroom at Appalachian indicated 75.1 percent of students expect some online components in their courses.

“Technology offers students choices in how they learn,” Davies said. “Students can choose to interact with online content versus reading text about a particular topic. Some faculty prerecord mini lectures that are available online while others post assignments, projects or test reviews through the ASULearn online course management system.”

Davies said examples include faculty in the recreation management program who use a Facebook group page to connect their students with alumni working in the field; Jeopardy-like programs for course review in philosophy classes; and 3-D modeling used in design and anatomy classes.

“This year students will present a session on how technology has helped them learn,” Davies said. “Also a series of dynamic presentations on technology and learning will integrated in to the fair schedule, as well as round table breakout sessions in Plemmons Student Union’s Parkway Ballroom.”

The Tech4Teach Fair committee members are Doug Brantz, Bryan Estel, Derek Gagnier, Tony Grant, Barbara Howard, Mike Madritch, Laura Mallard, Tanya Molodtsova and Davies.