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Want to bring an international volunteer to Boone? AIESEC seeks support for Global Citizen program

BOONE—AIESEC at Appalachian State University is looking for support to start its international volunteer program, Global Citizen. Support may include offering volunteer opportunities with High Country nonprofits, becoming a host family, or providing monetary sponsorships.

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AIESEC is the world’s largest youth-run organization. Spanning over 126 countries and facilitating 34,000 volunteer experiences a year, AIESEC facilitates leadership development in students around the world. Currently, Appalachian’s AIESEC chapter is working to provide these leadership development opportunities within the Boone community.

AIESEC’s Global Citizen program gives non-profits and non-government organizations in the High Country the opportunity to take in volunteers from around the world.

By cultivating a relationship with international volunteers, organizations will be able to develop new perspectives and solutions to the problems they are working to fix. Furthermore, the Boone community as a whole will benefit by being exposed to the different cultures the volunteers represent.

If your organization would like to contribute in a way other than hosting volunteers, AIESEC at Appalachian is accepting donations and sponsorships in order to help bring down the financial costs for both the volunteers and the organizations receiving them. Host families are also wanted in order to ensure a quality stay for the volunteers while they work with the local community.

If interested, please contact Vice President of Incoming Exchange Natalie Vergara at Learn more about AIESEC at