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Record number present at National Conference on Undergraduate Research

BOONE—A total of 47 undergraduate students at Appalachian State University presented their research at the 28th Annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research at the University of Kentucky, April 3-5.

“This is the largest number of students Appalachian has ever had present their research and creative endeavors at this prestigious national meeting, which included two Appalachian freshmen,” said Alan C. Utter, interim vice provost of research and director of Appalachian’s Office of Student Research.

“The interplay between original research and academics is the foundation for future scholars. Undergraduate research continues to be supported by our faculty, and as a result the students and their faculty mentors should be recognized for their scholarly accomplishments.”

This year’s students presented research on topics related to economics, religious studies, history, neuroscience, computer science, chemistry, environmental studies and science, biochemistry, music, physics, psychology, theatre/drama, biological engineering and interdisciplinary studies.

Undergraduate research is a core value at Appalachian because it allows faculty and students to expand the boundaries of academic disciplines, discover answers to real world questions, enhance quality of life, enrich the classroom experience, contribute to economic development and find paths to success for themselves and others.