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Kappa Delta Sorority raises record-breaking $15,769 for charity

BOONE—Not many philanthropic events ask for more than mere participation or a donation from its patrons, but that is not the case with Kappa Delta’s Shamrock Pancake Dinner.

View larger imageKappa Delta Sorority members Lauren Miller, left, and Sara Williamson helped greet participants at the sorority’s annual all-you-can-eat pancake dinner fundraiser. The event supports local and state organizations that work to prevent child abuse.

The sisters of Kappa Delta hosted their 21st annual All-You-Can-Eat Pancake Dinner at Appalachian State University’s Central Dining Hall in March. Students’ empty stomachs and their ability to consume unfathomable amounts of fluffy pancakes resulted in $15,769 for area charities.

The event was an unprecedented success. With the army of Central Dining Hall staff leading the way, the sisters of the Epsilon Epsilon chapter served an estimated 3,600 pancakes to a crowd of more than 1,800 students, staff and friends during the course of just a few hours.

Kappa Delta sister Kellie Mitchum, head of this year’s pancake dinner, said, “It was so rewarding to bring together the campus and community in fellowship to support such a great cause.”

The funds raised from the pancake dinner will assist agencies that focus on preventing child abuse in Watauga County and elsewhere. Kappa Delta awarded $12,615.20 to the Children’s Council of Watauga. The remainder was presented to Prevent Child Abuse America.