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Sophomore Kara Flowers announced as the Inaugural C. Howard Dorgan Oratory Contest Winner

dorgan_t.jpgBOONE—Kara Flowers, sophomore communication studies major at Appalachian State University, has been awarded first place in the recent Inaugural C. Howard Dorgan Oratory Contest.

The prompt for the contest, “Dear Provost Gonzalez,” focused on student chosen topics on advice, encouragement or suggestions to Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Lori Gonzalez.

Flowers said she hoped her speech would inspire the Appalachian Family “to have an open and welcoming environment where we accept everyone and nothing less.”

To accomplish this, Flowers suggests a few changes. “We could do this by putting more of our funds into keeping professors so that class sizes remain small and establishing objectives in freshman seminar classes that require professors to teach readings or lessons that focus on these values in the context of that class,” she said in her speech.

As the winner of the contest, Flowers received a $250 cash prize. Jordan Steady, a freshman exercise science major, took second place and $100. Samuel Williams, a senior history major, took third place and $50.

Flowers plans to use her cash award toward a study away program through the university called Natives of the South West: A Walk in Beauty in the summer of 2012 as part of Watauga Global Community. A group of 10 students will travel for 12 days through various reservation lands and national parks in Arizona and New Mexico. The students in the class will be immersed in the art, philosophy, history, landscape and culture of the Acoma, Hopi, Zuni and Navajo Tribes.

The Inaugural C. Howard Dorgan Oratory Contest is named after a retired professor of communication at Appalachian, Dr. Claude Howard Dorgan who taught at Appalachian from 1971-2000.