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Freshmen to arrive Aug. 19 at Appalachian

AppolCorps_t.jpgBOONE—Appalachian State University will be putting out an extra-large welcome mat for members of the freshman class of 2015 who are expected to begin moving into residence halls on Friday, Aug. 19, beginning at 9 a.m. The university expects between 2,941 to 2,965 freshmen to begin their college careers later this month, according to university officials.

AppolCorps_t2.jpgAppalachian Orientation Leader Corps members are ready to welcome freshmen and transfer students to Appalachian State University Aug. 19.

The university received more than 14,700 applications for one of the seats in the freshman class.

“I am very excited about welcoming our new and returning students to the university,” said Dean of Students J.J. Brown.

Welcome Week activities, Aug. 19-22,  have been coordinated by Appalachian’s Office of Orientation, part of University College, and are designed to help freshmen and transfer students connect with faculty and staff, and learn about campus and academic life.

“It’s such a great feeling to know that we play such an important role in what will hopefully be one of the most memorable and significant times in a student’s life,” said Clinton Marsh, assistant director of orientation at Appalachian. “We also encourage continuing students to attend Welcome Weekend evening activities to meet new students and help welcome them to campus.”

The new students will be welcomed officially to campus during the Black and Gold Ceremony Saturday afternoon led by Chancellor Kenneth E. Peacock, Student Government Association President Lauren Estes, Vice Chancellor for Student Development Cindy Wallace, and others.

This year, all new students will be given a Black and Gold Ceremony card that includes Appalachian’s alma mater, academic integrity oath, and a black Appalachian pin designed specifically for the new students. The students will receive a gold “A” pin when they graduate from the university.

A complete list of activities and programs for freshmen is online at Classes will begin for all students on Tuesday, Aug. 23.