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Appalachian freshmen move in with help from hundreds of volunteers

carryline_t.jpgBOONE—Hundreds of student, faculty, staff, parent and alumni volunteers made move-in day a little less stressful for more than 2,800 freshmen who arrived on campus Aug. 20.

volunteers carrying boxes_t2.jpgHundreds of volunteers carried student possessions into residence hall rooms during move-in day at Appalachian State University. More than 2,800 freshmen arrived on campus Aug. 20. Classes begin Aug. 24.

John Atkins and Traci Royster carrying bag_t2.jpgAlthough he isn’t visible under the bag of clothes he is carrying, John Atkins was one of the many volunteers who assisted with move-in day at Appalachian State University. Traci Royster, director of family and parent services, helps Atkins balance the load.

Volunteer Rachel Lowman, Don and Susan Smith_t2.jpg
Volunteer Rachel Lowman, left, a senior from Charlotte, assists Don and Susan Smith from Cary. The Smith’s son is an entering freshman at Appalachian State University.

Jamar Banks_t2.jpg
Jamar Banks, director of the Center for Student Involvement and Leadership, helped students move their possessions into their residence hall room during move-in day at Appalachian State University. He said he has moved interesting items in the past, including a kayak, but wonders why someone needed a large-screen TV.

Volunteers move students’ clothes, food, books and even TVs in a matter of minutes, leaving family and others time to help their student unpack, arrange their room and visit. The move-in process, perfected over the years, is one that parents complement each year.

Student development officials say the day can be physically challenging for volunteers and others, but the extra hands help ease what can be an emotional time for new students and their parents.

University officials estimate enrollment for the 2010-11 academic year will approach 17,440 students, including those enrolled in off-campus degree programs. Classes begin Aug. 24.