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Appalachian Concert Band performs March 3

BOONE—The Appalachian Concert Band performs Wednesday, March 3, at 8 p.m. in Broyhill Music Center’s Rosen Concert Hall. Admission is free. The band is directed by graduate student Les Turner and associate professor John Stanley Ross.

The program features works written specifically for concert band. The program opens with David R. Holsinger’s “Havendance” that features the use of percussion to create a variety of tempos and moods that result in a driving intensity.

“Honey Boys on Parade” by Edward V. Cupero was written in 1914, one year before the death of the famous minstrel George “Honey Boy” Evans.  The composition is called a “circus march,” a specialized form of march music characterized by brisk tempo, fanfares and other showy features.

Scott Boerma’s “Poem” was written in tribute of music educator Bernie Kuschel of Michigan. A trombone solo closes the piece.

Steven Reineke’s “Into the Raging River” was inspired by a whitewater rafting trip on the Gauley River in West Virginia. The tone poem takes audiences from the beginning of the trip to spills and thrills along the raging river.

John Mackey’s “Undertow” concludes the performance.  The piece features a persistent energy through the use of alternating rhythms which are accentuated by the percussion section.