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John Loftin named “Carolina’s Funniest Comic”

Appalachian Today | Alumni Association

John Loftin ’06

John Loftin ’06 was named Carolina’s Funniest Comic by audience voters in a five-week competition at DSI Comedy Theater in Carrboro this summer. The competition featured 29 stand-up comedians from across North Carolina, plus one from Georgia.

“I’ve known since I was young that I was funny and a natural performer, and this solidifies it,” the Appalachian State University graduate said.

Loftin’s comedy style is described as relaxed and canonical, in contrast to the competition’s more in-your-face, shock-humor comedians.

Originally from Hillsborough, Loftin majored in communication/broadcasting with a minor in geography. He was a disc jockey at WASU radio station for three years and got his start co-hosting “The Pit 120″ with co-host Will Hildebrandt ’04. Loftin and Hildebrandt’s show was voted “Best Show on the Radio” after a year together. They later hosted a morning variety show in which Loftin realized his potential as a comedic personality by writing and producing the ongoing skit “The Ambulance Chasing Lawyer” and providing various characters and voices.

Loftin later hosted the radio cooking program “Rock on a Roll” with guest Robert Parriott ’97 MS who cooked healthy food on the air. Loftin played the show’s skeptical yet informative voice. “Southern Living” magazine featured the entertaining program in a summer 2005 issue.

Since graduating, Loftin has studied and performed stand-up, improvisation and sketch comedy with the DSI Comedy Theater and been featured in open-mic showcases across the state. In February 2008, he performed in Chicago with the live game show “Don’t Spit the Water” as his character Beau Flex. As an actor, Loftin has appeared in three films since graduation, including the full-length feature “12 Trials of My Patience” starring Los Angeles actor/comedian Maronzio Vance.

“I entered Carolina’s Funniest Comic competition knowing that I would lose because there were people competing that have been doing comedy for up to nine years. I’ve been trying my hand at this for one and a half. But I thought, hey, I’ll give it a shot, just to see where I stand,” Loftin said.

Loftin calls improvisation and stand-up comedy “my roots and creative bloodline,” but he aspires to become an actor/comedian/writer for television and film.