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David Considine named one of nation’s most innovative education leaders with 2008 Cable’s Leaders in Learning Award

Washington, D.C. – David Considine, a professor and media literacy consultant at Appalachian State University, will be honored with the prestigious Cable’s Leaders in Learning Award for creating and implementing innovative ways to educate students and for making a substantial contribution to learning in Boone and beyond.

As the only winner in the media literacy education category, Considine is being recognized for his ability to model a management approach that enabled him to introduce media literacy to an educational institution and sustain that innovation for more than a decade, creating multiple media literacy entry points for students, supported by numerous faculty at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

Considine was chosen as one of the 14 national winners selected from a pool of 44 finalist applications. He models an interdisciplinary approach to media literacy that connects it to traditional and emerging state and national standards in key areas of the curriculum including English language arts, library science, health, art and the social studies.

“In Canada, Australia and the U.K., media literacy educators have developed mutually beneficial relationships with media professionals and the media industry. I see this award as an extension of that model – a partnership that promotes media awareness and critiques of the media as distinct from condemnations,” said Considine.

This summer, Considine and Appalachian’s Reich College of Education will host the summer institute Media, Diversity and Democracy July 21-24. The institute is free for North Carolina teachers. “Appalachian developed the first media literacy master’s degree in the United States,” Considine said. “As North Carolina schools move to implement the 21st century skills initiative, the university is uniquely poised to help the state’s teachers and administrators develop media literacy skills and curriculum.”

The event will also include 2006 and 2007 winners Chris Sperry and Frank Baker.

Information about the institute is available at:

Charter Communications and Cable in the Classroom, the cable industry’s education foundation, present the awards annually to recognize outstanding educators, administrators and other community leaders at the forefront of innovation in education.

“This year’s winners have exhibited an impressive ability to expand the classroom and educational opportunities for students around the country and the world,” said Doug Levin, senior education policy director for Cable in the Classroom. “Cable in the Classroom and the entire cable industry are inspired and honored to be supporting these educators and community leaders as they work to provide a first-class education.”

Considine and the other Cable’s Leaders in Learning Award honorees will be in Washington, D.C., June 16-19 to attend a gala awards ceremony, learn from fellow awardees and meet with members of Congress and cable and education leaders. Honorees receive $3,000 from Cable in the Classroom, in addition to the four-day trip to Washington, D.C.

“We congratulate Dr. Considine for being named as a Cable’s Leaders in Learning Award honoree and for his extraordinary contribution to education in our community,” said Anthony Pope, vice president and general manager for Charter. “We are strong believers in supporting the communities we live and work in. Along with Cable in Classroom, Charter is honored to recognize those who are working to help students better understand our world through new and innovative programs.”

Cable’s Leaders in Learning Awards honorees are chosen in four categories:

  • General Excellence – for leaders who have demonstrated excellence in expanding and enhancing learning opportunities by employing a diversity of traditional and non-traditional approaches to producing measurable improvements in education outcomes in formal or informal settings.
  • Media Literacy Education – awarded in partnership with the National PTA to a leader who has advanced the teaching and learning of media literacy concepts and skills to children and youth. Media literacy is defined as the ability to access, understand, analyze, evaluate and create media messages on television, the Internet and other outlets.
  • Cable Partnerships for Learning – for leaders who are working in partnership with the cable industry to expand and enhance learning opportunities for children and youth in or out of the classroom.
  • Pushing the Envelope – for leaders who push the envelope and/or redefine the education frontier through the use of cable technology and/or cable content.

During the evening of Wednesday, June 18, members of Congress, education and cable industry leaders will attend a gala event at the Library of Congress, including a formal awards ceremony honoring the winners.

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Cable in the Classroom, the cable industry’s education foundation, works to expand and enhance learning for children and youth. Created in 1989 to help schools take advantage of educational cable programming and technology, CIC has become a leading national advocate for media literacy education and for the use of technology and media for learning, as well as a valuable resource of educational cable content and services for policymakers, educators and industry leaders.

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