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Historian discusses Sen. Sam Ervin at May 21 luncheon

BOONE—The Appalachian Pathways Luncheon Series turns to politics with a May 21 luncheon program presented by Appalachian State University history professor Dr. Karl Campbell.

Campbell will discuss his book “Senator Sam Ervin: The Last of the Founding Fathers.”

The luncheon begins at noon at the Broyhill Inn and Conference Center. The cost is $19. The registration deadline is May 19. Register online at, or call 262-2530 for additional information.

Campbell has conducted extensive research into the life and work of Ervin, who chaired the Senate Watergate hearings in 1973. Campbell will illuminate the character of the man and the historical forces that shaped him by sharing stories and quotes from Ervin’s life.

Campbell says Ervin’s career is important to remember because “there is no other historical figure more relevant to the political crises we are facing today.”