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Appalachian’s Concert Band performs Oct. 8

d06_07wind12_t.jpgBOONE—Appalachian State University’s Concert Band performs Oct. 8 at 8 p.m. in Farthing Auditorium on campus. Admission is free.

Conductors are Scott C. Tobias, a member of the Hayes School of Music faculty, and graduate music major Kenneth Tysor.

“Chorale and Shaker Dance” by John Zdechlik is a standard in the international band repertoire. The piece contains a simple, single-phrased melody and the Shaker song “The Gift to Be Simple.” The melodies are used in rhythmic variation throughout the composition.

Eric Whitacre’s “October” is a musical tribute to fall. “October is my favorite month. Something about the crisp autumn air and the subtle change in light always make me a little sentimental, and as I started to sketch I felt that same quiet beauty in the writing,” Whitacre said of the composition. The simple, pastoral melodies and harmonies of “October” were inspired by English composers Vaughan Williams and Edward Elgar.


Scott Tobias will lead Appalachian State University’s Concert Band in a performance Oct. 8 at 8 p.m. in Farthing Auditorium. (Appalachian photo by University Photographer Mike Rominger)

“The Klaxon” by Henry Fillmore, subtitled “March of the Automobiles,” was written for the 1930 Cincinnati Automobile Show. Fillmore invented a new instrument for the auto show called a klaxophone that consisted of 12 automobile horns mounted on a table powered by an automobile battery.

Claude T. Smith’s “Eternal Father, Strong to Save” concludes the concert. The composition was written for the 50th anniversary of the United States Navy Band. It has been called “a superbly crafted theme” and “one of the most beautiful and well-known horn quartets in modern band literature.”