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Lectures related to Holocaust and World War II presented in September

BOONE—The Center for Judaic, Holocaust and Peace Studies at Appalachian State University will present several lectures during September that focus on the Holocaust and World War II.

Call (828) 262-2311 or e-mail for more information. Information also is available at

Peter Petschauer, professor emeritus from Appalachian’s Department of History, will present “What if your father is not a hero?” based on his book “The Father and the SS.” The presentation begins Sept. 11 at 7 p.m. in Room 114 Carol G. Belk Library and Information Commons. A reception for Petschauer will be held at 6:15 p.m.

Petschauer’s father, Erich Petschauer, was a first lieutenant in the German Nazi Schutzstaffel, also known as the SS. The elder Petschauer was assigned to Italy to persuade its German-speaking population to move to Germany and Austria. He was later captured by U.S. troops and spent three years as a prisoner of war.

Vivien Jacobson will present the lecture “Chagall and the Bible Sept. 18. The lecture is co-sponsored by The North Carolina Humanities Council. It begins at 7 p.m. in Room 114 Belk Library.

The lecture will focus on 12 major works of Jewish artist Marc Chagall – from Genesis and Exodus to the five Song of Songs paintings, inspired by his second wife, Vava Chagall.

Jacobson has lectured on Chagall locally, nationally and internationally since 1978. She has conducted postgraduate work in French language, culture and literature at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. She was the past president of the American Friends of the Chagall Biblical Message Museum in Nice, France, and chair of the Friends of the Chagall Tapestry. Jacobson worked with Chagall on various international projects during the last 11 years of the artist’s life.

Ralph Jacobson will present “Remembering the Holocaust” Sept. 19 at 7 p.m. in Room114 Belk Library.

Jacobson will tell his story as a refugee who fled with his mother from Nazi Germany.

Jacobson was 10 years old when Kristallnacht (Crystal Night) occurred in November 1938.

Known as the night of broken glass,” Kristallnacht is the night when Nazi youth and others destroyed synagogues and looted Jewish businesses across Germany, Austria and other Nazi-controlled areas.

Jacobson and his mother fled Germany for the United States in January 1939.