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Walk for Awareness Held Sept. 4 at Appalachian

BOONE-The 18th annual Walk for Awareness at Appalachian State University will be held Tuesday, Sept. 4, at 9 p.m. beginning at Sanford Mall on campus. This year’s theme is Stand Up: Speak Out, Do Something.

The walk serves as a reminder to campus and community members to always be aware of their personal safety. It also commemorates lives lost to violence, supports victims and survivors of violence, and affirms participants’ commitment and responsibility to speak out against all forms of violence.

Participants in the walk will be reminded to use the buddy system when attending parties or walking late at night, to lock their residence hall or apartment door, be aware of their surroundings and report suspicious activity to police.

Members of the campus and Watauga County communities are invited to join the silent walk through campus, which will end at the courtyard adjacent to Rankin Science Complex and Edwin Duncan Hall.

Speakers for the evening are: Cindy Wallace, vice chancellor for student development; Chris Hogan, Counseling and Psychological Services Center; Susie Greene, dean of students; Harris Ligon, graduate student; and Vontenna Knotts, student-athlete.

Student organizations or clubs participating in this year’s walk are encouraged to wear a club T-shirt. Also, no cell phone use or smoking is allowed during the walk.

Prior to the walk, students are encouraged to attend a video presentation and question-and -answer session titled “Why Walk?: A Survivor’s Story,” about a 1989 act of violence against a university employee and a university student. The video will be shown in Farthing Auditorium beginning at 8 p.m.

The Walk for Awareness is supported by the Appalachian Parents Association and University Highlands student apartments.