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Statement from Chancellor Ken Peacock regarding Virginia Tech tragedy

The news of the tragic shootings on the campus of Virginia Tech has caused everyone associated with a university to pause with concern.

The words “massacre” and “university” should never be together in any news story.

The grief of Monday, April 16, 2007 is deeply felt by all who work at an institution of higher education or who have children enrolled at one.

Given the proximity of Virginia Tech to Appalachian State and the many personal connections that we have with our colleagues there, this tragedy touches the Appalachian community even more intensely. Please join me, by whatever means you find appropriate, in reflecting on this tragedy and grieving with our colleagues at Virginia Tech.

The best planning and preparation in the world are sometimes not enough to prevent acts of violence such as we have just seen. However, workplace safety has been and will continue to be a top priority for our University.

I welcome your input as we reflect on how to respond to this tragedy and as we continue to seek ways to enhance the safety of our community.