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Geologist discusses global warming research Oct. 12

Ken_Miller.jpgBOONE—Dr. Ken Miller, professor and chair of the Department of Geological Sciences at Rutgers University, will speak at Appalachian State University on Oct. 12 at 4 p.m.

His presentation is part of the U.S. Science Support Program’s Joint Oceanographic Institutions Distinguished Lecturer Series and is sponsored by Appalachian’s Department of Geology. His talk will be presented in Plemmons Student Union’s Grandfather Mountain Ballroom. The public is invited to attend.

Miller will present a talk titled “The Phanerozoic Record of Global Sea-Level Change: ODP Constrains the Last 100 Million Years.”

In the Nov. 25, 2005, issue of the journal Science, Miller reported on a new record of sea level change during the past 100 million years based on drilling studies along the New Jersey coast. The findings establish a steady millimeter-per-year rise from 5,000 years ago until about 200 years ago. In contrast, sea-level measurements since 1850 from tidal gauges and more recently from satellite images reveal the current two-millimeter annual rise.

“Without reliable information on how sea levels had changed before we had our new measures, we couldn’t be sure the current rate wasn’t happening all along,” said Miller. “Now, with solid historical data, we know it is definitely a recent phenomenon. The record therefore provides a new and reliable baseline to use in addressing global warming.”

The Joint Oceanographic Institution’s Distinguished Lecturer Series (DLS) brings the results of exciting scientific explorations and discoveries of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP) research to students at both undergraduate and graduate levels and to the geoscience community in general. Since 1991, more than 250 presentations have been made through the DLS program to audiences at U.S. colleges, universities and organizations.