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Sutton Brings Furniture Experts to Campus

BOONE – Charles Sutton, an executive in residence at Appalachian State University’s Department of Technology, is leading a semester-long furniture seminar this spring that brings home furnishings experts to share changing trends of the furniture industry with students.

“I want the students to get a real grasp of where our industry is today and to help those interested in finding a career niche,” Sutton said.

Sutton is a new addition to the Appalachian faculty. Called Home Furnishings Industry, his seminar takes an overview of the current expectations of the furniture industry and discusses the increasing career opportunities available. Industry experts will be invited from a number of fields to inform students on aspects such as design, marketing and retailing.

The class will show transitions in the furniture industry, including the growth of off-shore manufacturing and advancements in technology. Insight from experts will inform students of the new standards and expectations of an ever changing industry.

” A lot is happening and we want to explore these changes, challenges and opportunities,” Sutton said.

Sutton has had decades of relevant experience; he co-founded Sutton Reproductions and was president of Sutton Fine Furniture for six years. As a designer, Sutton created 50 new furniture items for Arthur Brett & Sons USA and introduced the Sutton House Collection in 2000 through Lexington Home Brands.

Sutton is currently president of Sutton House Furniture and leads educational seminars for museums and universities. He published the magazine Furniture Review – A Consumer’s Guide to Buying Furniture. The magazine released its first issue last year and compared and rated furniture products at different price ranges.