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Construction Delays Alter Plans for Convocation Center Events

BOONE — Appalachian State University

has announced that it is making plans for the likelihood that the George M. Holmes Convocation Center and Seby B. Jones Arena will not be completed by early September, as originally scheduled.

“It now appears that the new facility will not be ready for hosting several events scheduled during September, even though the university had been assured repeatedly by the six primary contractors that our target date would be met,” said Chancellor Francis T. Borkowski.

The university learned during a preliminary building inspection by state officials that a number of corrections to the facility must be made in order to meet state building code requirements for occupancy.

Borkowski said the Sept. 6 opening event honoring George M. Holmes and

Seby B. Jones will proceed as planned on the center’s exterior concourse followed by group tours of the new facility. Appalachian’s fall convocation, set for Sept. 7, will be held in Varsity Gym, site of previous convocations.

He also indicated that the university has notified the Franklin Graham Festival 2000 Committee about the construction delays, and an alternative plan to hold the Sept. 15-17 festival in Kidd Brewer Stadium

is being implemented.

“Appalachian officials will continue working closely with the project contractors to ensure timely completion of the new facility but prudence dictates implementing our contingency plans for September events now,” Borkowski said.